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oh muh gah. how long has it been since i posted in here? or anyone else for that matter? Cha. Too bad we changed it to rated elk. are we retiring this community?
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Chris, Emily B, and Kat are gone. What am I supposed to do NOW?

How would you like to have a day of wild adventures with four girls between the ages of 15-17?

June 22nd No Other Cool Name Mall Bonanza!!!!!
Amanda P, Candice B, Danielle D, and Emily M at Concord Mills - 1 PM. Applicants and auditions will be taken now through tomorrow at 1. For more information on this event, call Danielle at 573-3849. Thank you and have a crazy, sexy, fun day.

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if i could find you now things would get better...

Hope you didn't forget about father's day today..i know i almost did. we got him this really cool card. it says "Happy Father's Day" and somethin else.. and its like "this is your present too." and has a punch-out tie...hahah im definitely makin him wear it.

look im danielle! ... .. ... . ....
and the end.
have a sassy day.

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i got my hair cut short! i love it. go to my links under 'date elk and church people pics' and see it :)
no one has told me how to post it IN the entry... so yeah!

well...i think im gonna go now. just wanted to say that :)

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im such a mushy ramen noodle

Dude, Alyssa got a job, Emily got a job, Tatia got a job, Lauren's HAD a job..so me, em and kat are the only three. Great.

On better news I'm getting a cell phone for my birthday and parents are paying for it for the next year, so I can actually call you guys now. I can't wait!

Have you asked off of work and talked to your parents yet about August?

Alright..on a sentimental note:

I can't help but sit here and think (after talking to kat and tatia on the phone FOREVER today and yesterday) about all the stupid stuff us 7 have done together, but there's noone else I'd even want to be stupid with. The laughs, smiles, tears, giggles, late night calls, billions of digital pictures, all the memories. Crazy days, hilarious nights, many boys, plenty of secrets. Through everything, we've always been true to each other, so where would I be without you guys? Nowhere. There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go, and I've found six of them. Thanks for everything girls, i love you!

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hey ladies, emily added pics of us tonight onto her ofoto album and im going to add mine shortly as well. go to her LJ and check 'em out under date elk and church blah blah blah.

tonight was awesome at church...lets keep it all in mind throughout the next week or so.

i love you all, start asking off of work and your parents about august 12 and 13th. we'll be sending out invites too.

we wont be wearing our shirts until camp either. we can surprise everyone then ;-) if you wanna know why..well you can ask lauren taylor.

i definitely want to go rollerskating with all of us, and on a differnet night go out to eat at a random restaurant in our formal wear. we would have a blast.
...its all stuff i gotta do my senior year ladies.

goodnight..i bid you farewell.
*p.s. i want a rock body*
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wow i'm loving this community. how do you like the background me and kat picked out? i think its genious...the meese is hotness.
Me and Danielle are having a joint sweet 16 party. the beach trip of course! we're planning to have it on august 12-13th. we seriously planned ALL of it out last night when she came over, it was insane.. so im expecting all date elk'ers to be there. i wouldnt want any of you to miss this extravaganza. let us know!!

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