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hey ladies, emily added pics of us tonight onto her ofoto album and im going to add mine shortly as well. go to her LJ and check 'em out under date elk and church blah blah blah.

tonight was awesome at church...lets keep it all in mind throughout the next week or so.

i love you all, start asking off of work and your parents about august 12 and 13th. we'll be sending out invites too.

we wont be wearing our shirts until camp either. we can surprise everyone then ;-) if you wanna know why..well you can ask lauren taylor.

i definitely want to go rollerskating with all of us, and on a differnet night go out to eat at a random restaurant in our formal wear. we would have a blast.
...its all stuff i gotta do my senior year ladies.

goodnight..i bid you farewell.
*p.s. i want a rock body*
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